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Round polyester shoelaces

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*FREE SHIPPING* Tired of your usual basic laces ? Trade them for these solid design of round polyester shoelaces.
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  • round-polyester-shoelace-brown-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-brown-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-golden-brown-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-golden-brown-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-beige-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-beige-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-black-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-black-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-dark-grey-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-dark-grey-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-light-grey-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-light-grey-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-white-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-white-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-army-green-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-army-green-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-khaki-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-khaki-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-neon-green-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-neon-green-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-sky-blue-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-sky-blue-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-royal-blue-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-royal-blue-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-red-wine-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-red-wine-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-red-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-red-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-rose-red-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-rose-red-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-yellow-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-yellow-120 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-orange-90 cm
  • round-polyester-shoelace-orange-120 cm


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Tired of your usual basic laces ? Trade them for these solid design of round polyester shoelaces. 

Choose from a bundle of different colors, from your basic whites to a pop neon green.

Easy to switch, choose a color to fit your every mood !

It’s time to up your shoe game and spice up your life. 

From a casual to sporty to a classy look.

From now on, it is in your power to choose !



  • Material: Polyester silk
  • Package includes: 1 pair
  • Length available: 90 cm / 120 cm
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Laces are excellent, the most important color exactly for the order was looking for a long time, and the size range is wide, 150 cm just!!!!



The length does not match a little, but it's not scary. Price and quality is excellent. To the seller Thank you for the goods. The declared length of 150 in the photo is less, but I'm not upset. I will order more... Shop recommend.

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