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Luminous Shoelace

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glow-in the-dark-shoelace
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glow-in the-dark-shoelaces

Show off your style with these luminous shoelaces. Make your shoes the stars of any party.
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  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-yellow-80 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-yellow-100 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-yellow-120 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-yellow-140 cm
  • glow- in the-dark-shoelace-white-80 cm
  • glow- in the-dark-shoelace-white-100 cm
  • glow- in the-dark-shoelace-white-120 cm
  • glow- in the-dark-shoelace-white-140 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-pink-80 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-pink-100 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-pink-120 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-pink-140 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-green-80 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-green-100 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-green-120 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-green-140 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-blue-80 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-blue-100 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-blue-120 cm
  • glow-in the-dark-shoelace-blue-140 cm


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Show off your style with these luminous shoelaces.Make your shoes the stars of any party

Suitable for all types of shoes, all types of occasions. Parties, nightlife, hip-hop, skating, running, cycling, disco... whatever you want! 



  • Length: 80 - 140 cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Shape: Flat
  • Package includes: 1 pair
  • Note: Absorbs light through sunlight, synthetic light, flashlights... Can emit light for 4-5 hours after a 30 minute light absorption.
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  • Delivery between 10-20 days depending on your location, please contact us for a more accurate delivery date estimate.
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They look very good quality and fulfill their function, the material is excellent.

Answer of 20/06/2023 at 06:39

Thanks Wina for the comment!



I ran into trouble with an omission while ordering this. There, the seller dealt well and understood the situation and gave me the goods...I appreciate him, he is a very good seller.

Answer of 16/06/2023 at 05:52

Thank you so much Markus!



Thank you, everything is amazing! Definitely recommend!



Thank you, everything is amazing! Definitely recommend!



La commande est arrivée comme prévu. Ils n'ont rien d'extraordinaire, mais ce sont des lacets de chaussures et ils font leur travail. La lueur dans le noir dépend de l'exposition préalable à la lumière et ne dure pas très longtemps, mais dans l'ensemble, c'est plutôt cool. Peuvent être aussi utilisés comme lacets ordinaires.



They're great! I like the color



They came within 2 weeks, super fast, nice colour, I haven’t time to light them properly, but they are lightning already little just after opening the packet! Size 140cm fits to 9 holes boots



Very beautiful laces. But the photo shows that they burn like lanterns, and in fact they barely shine at full darkness. Well, so they can be used as usual laces, only at night they are unlikely to glow. For that very beautiful color, I liked it. The order came quickly. Thank you so much!



You have to hold it in the light to start glowing. Overall the kids are happy



Came quickly in 16 days. Glow in the dark.

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