Which socks for Rollerblading


Low, high, thin, thick, cotton or synthetic, it is not always easy to find your way in the sock shelves! What are their functions? Which socks to choose for which sport? Discover more about socks!

The functions of the sock

During the practice of a sport, the main function of the sock is to allow an adaptation of the foot to the shoe. It serves as a sort of shock absorber and protection to limit friction between the foot and the shoe that can cause blisters. Also, the sock allows the evacuation of perspiration, thus avoiding "maceration" and the easy development of fungus for example. And in cold weather, the sock keeps the foot warm!

How to choose your sports socks

When we practice a sport, most of the time, we put everything on the shoes, and forget the socks. Indeed, it seems normal to pay more than 100$ for a good running shoe for example, but not more than 5$ for a pack of 3 pairs of sports socks. And yet, they are just as important.

Factors to consider

We often ignore it, but to make the right choice, it is not enough to look at what color we like. There are many factors to consider:

* The comfort of sports socks

In addition to keeping your foot in place and allowing you to be comfortable, the socks prevent friction, and therefore the formation of blisters and other irritations. So choose seamless models and never too big. Opt for an optimal support and therefore a shape that completely fits your foot.

* Thermal regulation

First and foremost, your socks must ensure proper evacuation of perspiration. Indeed, during exercise, your foot heats up and therefore regulates your temperature by evacuating perspiration. A material that stores perspiration and keeps your foot wet can be harmful to your health. Therefore, your socks must keep your foot warm in winter and cool in summer, while keeping it dry.

* The price of your socks

Even if it seems excessive for most of us, it is better to prioritize quality and invest the necessary price in a quality pair. Your physical effort will only be improved. So accept to spend a budget of about 15€$ for the one of your choice.

* The size

Unlike sneakers that you have to choose one size up to practice a sport, socks follow the opposite rule. Indeed, choose one size smaller than yours. For example, if you wear size 39, choose a pack size 35-37 and not 38-40. Contrary to what you might think, these will stretch, and therefore can roll and form annoying folds.

* The material

As you know, it is preferable to buy seamless models, but also to avoid cotton and nylon as much as possible. Think of the more technical materials available, such as polyamide-elastane. Even so, natural materials are not to be neglected completely, or for all activities. Also, merino wool remains the best ally of the sportsman, but unfortunately represents a more important cost.

Now that you know the different characteristics of your sports socks. Adapt your choice according to the activity you want to practice. Some can be used in several activities, others are more specific. The key is to use and maintain them well, but also to change them regularly.


Rollerblading socks

Special socks for rollerblading

To prepare your next edition of the 24 Hours of Rollerblading, we propose you today to zoom in on a sport discipline that is on the rise. We are going to talk to you about rollerblades and special pairs of rollerblading socks. Often neglected, wrongly, they are able to protect the feet of rollerbladers and roller skaters. These socks provide maximum comfort to increase the resistance of the foot to pain and accompany you in the progress of your effort.

The interest of a high performance sports sock is real because it is the first defense against pain or overheating. It completes the investment linked to the purchase of your pair of rollerblades. The sock is in direct contact with the skin and must be intelligently selected to "stick" perfectly to your discipline.

The design of sports socks is very different from one sport to another. The materials used differ according to the objectives and the expected result. You may want to dry out the foot, ventilate it, or on the contrary reinforce the protection by a certain thickness or a knitting technique.



The roller sock: the first foot protection

Today, in all sports, the foot is more and more solicited. Sports equipment is constantly and rapidly evolving to improve performance. Not to mention the intensity of sports practice for some people, which is really sustained. In these situations, the choice of your pair of socks must also focus on performance.

Located between the shoe and the foot, the rollerblading sock becomes an important and truly protective sports accessory for your foot. Perhaps you have already experienced the appearance of blisters during your run.

The real pair of technical socks made for rollerblading is able to deal with perspiration, overheating, foot aeration, and cushioning.

Depending on your experience or distance, the pressure on the shins can be traumatic for the leg. The roller skater is always looking for stability but also balance.

This sport imposes to the roller skater a different behavior during the training or the competition. The alternation between speed and braking are important elements that also interfere with postural stability.

The pair of technical socks is a help for the feet in permanent search of the ideal position to optimize performance.

All these elements are good criteria that must be taken into account to make the best choice of technical socks to put in your pair of skates.


Different socks depending on the model of roller skates

Depending on the model of skates used, you can even orient your choice of socks differently.

Between high stems and low stems, the choice of the sock can be different. A special sock for roller skating can also vary depending on whether there are two types of skates:

- Inline skates with 4 wheels aligned on the same axis.

- The quads that are commonly called roller skates that have 2 wheels fixed on a front axle and 2 wheels a rear axle.

The nature of the terrain can also influence your choice. Roller skating can be practiced on different terrains. In Le Mans (France), for example, it is practiced on asphalt in the city but also once a year on the Bugatti circuit. There are also slalom tracks and dedicated areas such as sports halls specially designed for skipping or equipped with ramps.

And for rink-hockey enthusiasts who skate with quads and wooden sticks in their hands, there is yet another form of roller skating with all that this implies in terms of skating and the use of feet.

As you can see, depending on the equipment, the terrain and the time you spend on it, you will have to make a wise choice when it comes to equipping yourself with technical socks to protect your feet.

Rollerblading socks are high, thick and may or may not have support zones. Choose socks with support zones in the foot and calf area if you are prone to muscle pain.

Enjoy your ride!


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