Which socks for basketball


Low, high, thin, thick, cotton or synthetic, it is not always easy to find your way in the sock shelves! What are their functions? Which socks to choose for which sport? Discover more about socks!


The functions of the sock


During the practice of a sport, the main function of the sock is to allow an adaptation of the foot to the shoe. It serves as a sort of shock absorber and protection to limit friction between the foot and the shoe that can cause blisters. Also, the sock allows the evacuation of perspiration, thus avoiding "maceration" and the easy development of fungus for example. And in cold weather, the sock keeps the foot warm!


How to choose your sports socks


When we practice a sport, most of the time, we put everything on the shoes, and forget the socks. Indeed, it seems normal to pay more than 100$ for a good running shoe for example, but not more than 5$ for a pack of 3 pairs of sports socks. And yet, they are just as important.


Factors to consider


We often ignore it, but to make the right choice, it is not enough to look at what color we like. There are many factors to consider:


* The comfort of sports socks


In addition to keeping your foot in place and allowing you to be comfortable, the socks prevent friction, and therefore the formation of blisters and other irritations. So choose seamless models and never too big. Opt for an optimal support and therefore a shape that completely fits your foot.


* Thermal regulation


First and foremost, your socks must ensure proper evacuation of perspiration. Indeed, during exercise, your foot heats up and therefore regulates your temperature by evacuating perspiration. A material that stores perspiration and keeps your foot wet can be harmful to your health. Therefore, your socks must keep your foot warm in winter and cool in summer, while keeping it dry.


* The price of your socks


Even if it seems excessive for most of us, it is better to prioritize quality and invest the necessary price in a quality pair. Your physical effort will only be improved. So accept to spend a budget of about 15€$ for the one of your choice.


* The size


Unlike sneakers that you have to choose one size up to practice a sport, socks follow the opposite rule. Indeed, choose one size smaller than yours. For example, if you wear size 39, choose a pack size 35-37 and not 38-40. Contrary to what you might think, these will stretch, and therefore can roll and form annoying folds.


* The material


As you know, it is preferable to buy seamless models, but also to avoid cotton and nylon as much as possible. Think of the more technical materials available, such as polyamide-elastane. Even so, natural materials are not to be neglected completely, or for all activities. Also, merino wool remains the best ally of the sportsman, but unfortunately represents a more important cost.


Now that you know the different characteristics of your sports socks. Adapt your choice according to the activity you want to practice. Some can be used in several activities, others are more specific. The key is to use and maintain them well, but also to change them regularly.


Basketball socks


Wearing quality basketball socks is essential for any amateur or professional basketball player who plays regularly, several times a week.


The basketball sock is a very important accessory for the comfort of the foot during the effort, and on the other hand to evacuate the perspiration. It is also an essential element to protect the feet against blisters, and other small contusions, due to the effort or a bad basketball shoe.


The socks dedicated to the practice of basketball, have no differentiation between men and women. No specific models, it will be enough to opt for the appropriate size, so for you ladies, no other points to check.


Wearing the right socks to play basketball can prevent a lot of problems in the long run.

1.Avoid blisters

Most basketball players have experienced blistering, which is a self-defense mechanism of the skin. In case of repeated rubbing, a space is created between the epidermis and the dermis, due to the irritation, where a blister filled with a liquid is positioned.  The goal is to form a protective layer for the dermis irritated by the friction.

The sock dedicated to basketball has a real role of anti blister, both in terms of moisture (indeed, blisters tend to form when the foot is wet), the sock has a role of regulating foot perspiration.


2.Absorb shocks

Basketball socks are equipped to absorb shock, and clearly complement the cushioning of the basketball shoe.

Brands like Nike or Stance are positioning targeted reinforcements for impact absorption on the field.

Practical and functional, the basketball sock provides excellent support for the arch and heel while offering real comfort to the leg through its compression effect. This allows the blood to circulate well, and to be positioned in the best conditions, to perform well during training sessions and basketball games.


       3. Have style

In order to differentiate themselves, brands still rely on style!

Because indeed there is no secret, socks are similar, and there are not 36000       materials to make socks.

The market leaders are therefore using new styles, with illustrations, fun logos, that mix performance and allure.

Brands like Stance, have managed to democratize the market and even sell basketball socks to people who don’t play basketball, simply because they look good.


For occasional or regular use, choose low, mid-high or high cotton socks depending on where you play: indoors or outdoors. They have a tightening band, fine mesh and specific feet (socks have an R for the right foot and an L for the left foot).


Some additional tips


After the games, to avoid the fact that your feet remain swollen, and the aches, I advise you to wear recovery socks, or ultra light and comfortable socks.


- Wear new socks before each basketball session: Before your training or game, we have seen that perspiration (humidity, heat) is one of the main reasons for blisters, so it is important to change socks very often, even at halftime of your game, especially if you are in a state of extreme foot sweat.


- Maintain your feet: After practices or games, comes the shower, and then as basketball players, we do not always think to clean our feet well. In the long run, this can even lead to the risk of blisters and eczema. It is therefore important to dry your feet and moisturize them with a cream.



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