Our style tips: Socks


Our style tips: Socks


It may seem trivial to have to pay attention to your socks when you dress in a suit and yet .... And yet we can quickly make a mistake in taste. Especially at a time when the length of pants is shrinking, we tolerate even less mistakes. EXIT the white sports sock or the thick sock with a mickey pattern! Although the sock is an accessory that can express a certain freedom of tone, a certain eccentricity (provided it is well controlled) as the tie. We will therefore give you some tips so that the fabric that covers your foot does not stand out.


A.Wear only knee-high socks (or high socks)


Why? Because nobody wants to see our leg hair (even for those gentlemen who shave them) when you are sitting. Indeed, in this position the pants will go up and let appear the bottom of your leg, which should never be naked. What to do in summer when it starts to get hot? We opt for moccasins and thin skin colored socks when the dress code allows it, otherwise we stay on summer knee-highs (we find beautiful technical fabrics based on linen/cotton/silk for the same price as those in wool). Finally, you should know that knee-highs tend to wear out less quickly than socks. And for good reason, knee-highs rest on your calf, thus holding on to it without too much effort, unlike socks which fight against gravity alone.


DO: The pants ride up the leg when sitting, but the knee-highs allow for perfect coverage of the entire transition area between the pants and the shoe.


DON'T: Here's a design that perfectly illustrates the classic lapse in taste.



A.You will not wear socks that are too colorful

You can really have fun with the colors of a pair of socks: red, green, purple .... as long as the result is not too colorful. The idea is that everything is allowed except white and patterns too strong. But be careful, opt for a color that imposes only if the rest of your outfit is sober. Conversely, if your tie and pocket handkerchief already have a color of character then we prefer a color of knee-highs melted in the tone of the suit or shoe (so black, brown, gray or navy blue). Personally I love the ribbed models that allow two colors to express themselves with subtlety. Last little detail: forget about the same color tie/sock/pocket handkerchief combo. Instead, opt for one or two colors that you will use in different tones or simply a little touch of reminder. Why? Because it lacks subtlety and it will give the impression that you are forcing your style.


DO : Here are our personal compositions (very colorful) to give you some ideas !


DON'T: Here is the famous combination of color not really subtle. In itself, it's not really a taste fault but it won't do you any credit. On the other hand, with a chino (or other casual outfit) and a shirt of another color in summer, it's a match!



A. You shall not neglect quality


Yes, a cheap pair of shoes is the insurance of a shabby foot at the end of your day (especially if you have to walk a bit). It's better to invest a little at the beginning (they will last longer) and your feet will pay you back. We are well aware that not everyone has the budget to spend on them.  Below 12 € we don't recommend buying them (unless you have some nice addresses to share with us).

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