Christmas stockings, a very old tradition


Christmas arrives every year with its share of magic and enchantment in a very traditional setting.

It is impossible to escape the traditional Christmas trees, reindeers, sleighs and other illuminations... Wreaths, chocolates and advent calendars are also in the spotlight in the shop windows. But have you thought about socks and other Christmas boots to delight the whole family?


Less than a few days away from Christmas, let's look at a tradition that still exists.... But where does this tradition of hanging your socks on the chimney come from?



Where does the tradition of Christmas socks come from?


Like all old legends, there are several versions.

In all cases, it is the good St Nicholas, patron saint of children and schoolchildren, celebrated on December 6, who would be at the origin.


The story is told of three young girls who lived in poverty with their widowed father. Every winter evening, they hung their stockings (or socks) on the chimney to dry. St. Nicholas, who was keen to help the poorest of the poor, climbed onto the roof of the house one night and poured a purse full of gold down the chimney.

The coins fell directly into the socks!


Thus was born this Christmas tradition!

Today, children who hang their Christmas socks on the mantelpiece no longer hope that they will be filled with gold... but with toys and treats!



The tradition of Christmas socks, where does it still exist?


If this tradition is still very present in some European countries where it originated, it is undoubtedly in Great Britain and the United States that this tradition of Christmas socks is the most present.


In Germany, "Santa Klaus" (St. Nicholas) is celebrated on the night of December 5 to 6. On this night, all children leave their shoes at the front door or in front of the fireplace. The next morning, they find a candy or a small gift.


In Croatia, St. Nicholas and St. Lucy are honored on December 6 and 13. On these evenings, children hang their Christmas stocking in the window to discover their surprise the next morning.


In Great Britain, this tradition of Christmas socks is called "Christmas stocking". A symbol of wealth and prosperity, no one fails to hang their Christmas stocking at the foot of their bed!


In the United States, greeting cards and long socks are also hung on doors or bedposts if there is no fireplace.



What goes in the sock?


Traditionally, we put sweets or even fruits in it. But we can also slip in small gifts, coins (gold... or simply chocolate). Or even small subjects to personalize (or not) and to hang on the tree, tickets to scratch ... Everything is good as long as it fits in the sock and it produces its surprise effect!


For Christmas, cocooning is in the spotlight and the season lends itself perfectly to it.

Prepare the hot chocolate and gingerbread, get out the songs and rhymes, make a nice decoration and hang your Christmas socks, the magic will work!



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