Tutorial Fabric Laces


Customize your sneakers by making these cute fabric laces!


From shoes that make light to shoes with a little wheel built in, the playground has seen it all. But there's one stage of ultimate customization you may not have reached yet: homemade shoelaces! So today we're going to learn how to make your own fabric laces.


The material

- a piece of soft and thin fabric - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - sewing pins - a needle - sewing thread - a grommet - the pattern (one-piece pattern) 

Sewing values: 1 cm at the ends, 0.5 cm for the rest

 Budget: about 5 €

 Duration: 2 hours

1 (1)

Place the pattern and cut the fabric into one piece.


Fold the piece of fabric in half lengthwise right sides together and iron.


Stitch 0.5 cm from the edge along the entire length of the fabric without closing the ends. Take the grommet and attach the end of the lace at the seam with a needle. 

Tip: you can use several layers of thread so that it doesn't break.


Insert the grommet into the lace to turn it right side out. Help the grommet to start turning the lace over, then gently work it through the lace until you reach the other end. Be very patient because if the thread breaks, you will have to start all over again.


Once the lace is turned over, iron it with the seam on the edge of the fold.


On one end of the lace, take a long needle, fold the end into thirds and hide the knot of the needle in the first fold on the inside of the lace about 3 cm from the end. 

Tip: A needlepoint is a length of yarn threaded through a needle. The ideal length for ease of movement is the length of your arm.


Fold the other fold over to hide the first fold, then stitch it with the needle.


Close the end of the lace with a fold over stitch, then back stitch 1 cm from the end.


 With the thread, work your way back to the starting point by wrapping it around the lace. Tighten the thread. Stitch back to the starting point, then repeat on your way to the end.


At the end, finish with two overlapping back stitches (one on top of the other), then pull the yarn out through the end of the lace.


Trim the end of the lace to within 0.1 cm of the thread. Repeat on the other end of the lace.



In the end

All you have to do is slip them on over your favorite pair of sneakers! If you need to wash them, choose to wash them by hand. And to recycle your old sneaker laces, why not turn them into a pretty sailor bracelet (in an upcoming article)?



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