Why laces ?

Why laces

From a very young age, we are taught to tie the laces of our sneakers properly. Everyone has surely had their share of mishaps as a child. Fortunately, dad, mom or big brother was there to give you a helping hand. Nowadays, books and tutorials for children are available to make learning more fun. Anyway, big as you are, you now know how to tie them, right?


From this obligation, we know that the straps are there to maintain the sneakers or shoes on the feet. We appreciate their practicality, since loosened, they make it easier to put on the shoes. They are also aesthetic and oh, how much we crack on the yellow and white sneakers with large purple straps, like the emblematic colors of the Lakers. No matter the shape of the laces, flat and wide, round and thin or round and thick, they all have the same role.


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