Properties and advantages of silicone laces

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Properties and advantages of silicone laces


At the moment, there has never been so much talk about a new accessory that changes the game, on the shoe side: the lace.

 Today, it is a fashion accessory in its own right that boosts our sneakers.

We no longer want a white lace, we want originality: color, details, print but not only.

Silicone laces embellish your sneakers and make them more practical.


What exactly is the 100% silicone lace?


An ultra-resistant lace that allows the foot to be always pleasantly maintained and without disparate compression. The secret? Silicone! Indeed, its properties allow an optimal adjustment to the footprint, for a stretch followed by an incomparable mechanical return. Result, a maintained foot, with a homogeneous pressure.

Its composition provides excellent resistance to temperature variations. The lace preserves its mechanical properties in extreme cold and heat waves!



The advantages of silicone


If you were tired of tying your shoelaces or thought the big knot was ugly, the silicone lace can save the day.

The laces are elastic, so the sneakers or shoes are easier to put on. You gain in speed and aesthetics. Its elasticity makes the lace adapt to each shoe. That's great!


Plus, a colorful lace-up brightens up any sneaker, even the most basic. Buy classic canvas sneakers and customize them with silicone laces. And if you're feeling like a fashion artist, mix and match colors and make your sneaker unique.


On the children's side


Your kids can't tie their lace-up shoes? Are you tired of tying and retying your children's shoes all day? Tired of double knots for laces that do not hold? The silicone lace offers a solution to all these problems! 


Children will be able to put them on and take them off easily without having to do or undo the laces!


Made of very resistant silicone, their elasticity allows to stretch them for a long time, they always come back to their initial size!


This is perfect for babies, children or adults shoes and can be placed on sneakers or city shoes.


And even for us, parents, who have to drive our children to school, it is an extraordinary saving of time (especially when we have several children).





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