What kind of laces to choose?

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The laces are one of the main components of the shoe, they provide the necessary support to the foot and are as important as the sole. Like the sole, there are different types of laces for different types of shoes.


These different types of laces are divided into four main categories:


1/ The cords: these laces are the most common, they are usually made of cotton braided. Their diameter is medium and they are used on most shoes, they fit both city shoes and canvas shoes.


2/ Round laces: these types of laces have a thin diameter and are usually made of cotton. The ends of these laces are made of plastic or metal. The ends help to compress the lace fabric and prevent fraying. There are two variations of round laces:


Waxed round laces: they are very thin and are covered with a small film of resin which makes them strong and shiny. Waxed round laces are suitable for shoes like city shoes.


The thin round laces: they are similar to the waxed round laces with the difference that they are not covered with a film of resin. The diameter of the thin round laces is very small, so it fits very well to city shoes or boots with laces.


3/ Flat laces: these types of laces have a flat surface and a width that varies. A width of 8 mm (0,31inches) is the standard size for flat laces. They are also usually made of cotton. The ends of these types of laces are made of plastic or metal, but you will more commonly find plastic tips. Flat laces are suitable for sneaker-type shoes. There is a variation of flat laces:


Extra wide laces: they are very wide and therefore very visible on the shoe. Their width does not allow them to be used on all types of shoes, they are adapted to skateboard type sneakers.


4/ Elastic laces: these laces are distinguished from other types of laces not only by the material of which they are made, the elastic, but also by the closing technique. Indeed, elastic laces are closed by a tightening system and not by a knot. Elastic laces are particularly suitable for sports shoes, the elastic keeps the foot tight in the shoe while reducing pressure for an optimal comfort.


We will see in a next article the different systems of tightening which avoid to tie the shoes.


In addition to the different categories of laces, there are also different lengths of laces. To be sure to choose the right lace for your shoe, it is important to check the length of the laces.


Short laces: These are about 60 cm (23,62 inches) long and are suitable for shoes with three or four eyelets on each side. Short laces are used on children's shoes or low shoes such as Bensimon (La tennis Bensimon is a French lyfestyle brand launched in the seventies by Serge Bensimon in Paris).


Long laces: are approximately 130 cm (51,18 inches) long and are suitable for shoes with five to eight eyelets on each side. Long laces are used on dress shoes and sports shoes.


Extralong laces: are approximately 160 cm (62,99 inches) long and are suitable for shoes with nine to twelve eyelets on each side. Extralong laces are used on converse shoes or lace-up boots.


Once you have selected the type of lace that will fit your shoe perfectly, all you have to do is choose the color from a wide range.

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