How to choose the right size and shape of your shoelaces?


How to choose the right size and shape of your shoelaces?


There is more than one way to make your look more stylish and original. One of them is to change the laces of his shoes. Of course, this should preferably be done according to the outfits worn. Regarding the choice of laces, here are the best tips to follow.


Choose the size and shape of your laces according to the shoes you want to wear

It is important to select your laces according to their length. Of course, this is not the only selection criterion to consider when buying. There is also the shape of the cords. It is perfectly possible to wear casual shoes with flat laces. This rule applies in particular to sneakers. It should be noted that white laces are all-purpose. They can enhance a casual outfit (jeans worn with a t-shirt, for example). Regarding the size of the laces, it should be selected according to the size of the eyelets. If these are smaller, the cords chosen must be less thick.

Of course, it's best to replace the laces on your shoes with identical ones. This is the best way to ensure a good fit. It is possible to opt for thick round colored laces to enhance a pair of dress shoes. Thin round laces, on the other hand, are suitable for more or less formal shoes. This is particularly the case for ankle boots and long boots. The black laces round and thick are also suitable for richelieus, derbies and monkstraps. You just have to choose the right length.


Check the number of eyelets on your shoes

It is obvious that the laces attached to his shoes are part of the most fashionable accessories of the moment. Of course, there are rules to follow to get the desired result. Specifically, you should choose your laces according to the number of eyelets of your sneakers, for example. These are the small holes through which the cords pass. They allow you to know the ideal length of laces to put on your shoes. Theoretically, the more eyelets there are, the longer the laces should be. If they are too short, the shoes will be tighter. This is an important point to remember to ensure foot comfort.

Laces measuring between 40 and 60 cm (15.74” – 23.62” ) are suitable for shoes with 3 to 4 eyelets. If there are more than 5 eyelets, the cords should be longer than 70 cm (27.55”). Ideally, boots require longer laces (between 120 cm and 180 cm (47.24” – 70.86”) ). The same goes for high shoes. The number of eyelets varies between 9 and 14.


When it comes to colors, everyone is free to choose those that best suit their style. In order to create an original look, you should dare all possible color combinations. There are, for example, yellow and brown, red and beige, or green and orange (or khaki).


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