DIY: make a marine bracelet!


A pretty marine bracelet, easy to make


You love jewelry but you are tired of spending a fortune on rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets? What if instead of buying your jewelry in stores or jewelry shops, you made it yourself, with simple materials that you probably already have at home, such as an old pair of shoes! Today, we teach you how to make a 100% recycled marine bracelet very quickly. All you need is a piece of lace (or a ribbon), an elastic band...


Level : easy

Price: < 15 €

Time of realization : 20 minutes

Materials needed: two shoelaces, a pair of scissors, a jewelry clip, a jewelry clasp, two tips, two small rings

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Step 1: Make a sailor knot


Follow these instructions to tie your sailor knot: place your shoe cord horizontally, form a "fish" with it by bringing the top end down. Then place the second cord underneath the first one at the middle of the fish's body, and tie a knot by passing the second cord on either side of the first as shown in the tutorial. Tighten the knot by gently pulling on the ends, that’s it,  your sailor knot is complete!


Then place the bracelet on your wrist to adjust its length: with the scissors, cut the excess on each side so that the knot is in the middle of your wrist. You already have a good idea of what your bracelet will look like!


Step 2: Position the ends to place the bracelet clasp


At one end of your bracelet, place the two laces on top of each other before passing them through the ribbon end. Pinch and press with your thumb and forefinger to position the cords in the first end, then tighten the end with the jewelry pliers. Press well on it so that the tip will not move and the cords will not escape!


Do the same thing on the other side of the bracelet so that the other two ends of the cords are also well placed in the other end. Now all your marine bracelet needs is an opening and closing system.


Step 3: Place the rings in the bracelet end caps

Now open the first small ring with the jewelry pliers and put it through the hole of the end. Then add the clasp, still opening and closing it with the jewelry pliers. You have just finished the side of the bracelet that will allow you to close it.

Repeat this operation on the other side of the bracelet, this time putting only a small ring - this one will be used to insert the clasp to close your bracelet. And that's it, your sailor's knot bracelet is finished!


A very simple DIY, and super fast to make! You can also make variations of this tutorial by using ribbons in the colors of your choice instead of laces or by multiplying the knots.

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