Colored laces: the rules you must respect


There is a simple and inexpensive way to make a statement and catch the eye. It is to change your shoelaces. Although they are considered insignificant accessories, they can make a huge difference to your look. You don't need to buy new shoes, as you can simply swap your old laces for blue, green or red ones. You can also choose special patterned laces to embellish your ordinary shoes. What's more, this is a fashion that has been adopted by many people, so why not you?



The colored lace does not go with all shoe models


Your investment in a pair of Richelieu shoes would be in vain if you opt for colored laces. Not only would the quality of the finish of your shoes be masked by them, but they also make them look commonplace.


There is no point in using colored laces on a quality pair. Go for elegance by choosing black or brown laces. However, if you are wearing more casual shoes, you can opt for color. But be careful, as too much color can change your look, so choose wisely.



The best way to choose the color of your laces


All the colors you wear should be in harmony. It is of great importance to find a simple coordination of these. Your colored laces can make a statement if you keep the rest of your outfit muted. Try, however, to respect the shades if you want to match their color with another element in your outfit. Go for light lavender socks to match a pair of purple laces. This way, you'll achieve a sophisticated harmony.


What we recommend:


- On dark brown dress shoes, electric blue laces and on cream brown shoes, red laces.


- Cognac brown boots can be laced with dark green laces.


- Find a color reminder on your outfit or on an accessory you are wearing (watch, jacket pocket, watch...).


Also avoid matching your tie or socks with your colored laces. Choosing a color that can be found on the piping or seams of your shoe would be more discreet.


You can also choose laces that are a little darker or lighter than your shoes.


It is best to avoid being too eccentric, although a touch of whimsy is tolerated.


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