Learning to tie shoelaces

LEARNING TO TIE SHOELACES Learning to tie shoelaces is an important skill for both children and parents. Indeed, it is a step for the child allowing him to gain in ...Read more

How to choose the right size and shape of your shoelaces?

How to choose the right size and shape of your shoelaces? There is more than one way to make your look more stylish and original. One of them is to ...Read more


DIY: make a marine bracelet! A pretty marine bracelet, easy to make You love jewelry but you are tired of spending a fortune on rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets? What ...Read more

Colored laces: the rules you must respect

There is a simple and inexpensive way to make a statement and catch the eye. It is to change your shoelaces. Although they are considered insignificant accessories, they can make ...Read more

Tutorial Fabric Laces

Customize your sneakers by making these cute fabric laces! From shoes that make light to shoes with a little wheel built in, the playground has seen it all. But there's ...Read more

How to choose the best laces and the best lacing technique?

How to choose the best laces and the best lacing technique? Have the laces on your hiking boots run out? A well-prepared hiker always has a spare pair of the ...Read more
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Properties and advantages of silicone laces

Properties and advantages of silicone laces At the moment, there has never been so much talk about a new accessory that changes the game, on the shoe side: the lace. ...Read more
Montage photo blanc et sarcelle de vente au détail de café

What kind of laces to choose?

The laces are one of the main components of the shoe, they provide the necessary support to the foot and are as important as the sole. Like the sole, there ...Read more
Why laces

Why laces ?

From a very young age, we are taught to tie the laces of our sneakers properly. Everyone has surely had their share of mishaps as a child. Fortunately, dad, mom ...Read more


Let's remember: The history of the lace We already imagine you, head bent, hands tying the laces of your super Nike Air Max 270 (or others!) and then suddenly, you ...Read more
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