How to choose the right sneakers ?


For our greatest pleasure, sneakers come in a variety of styles, materials and cuts.

Whether you are a sportsman aiming for athletic performance, a lover of urban fashion or simply looking for ultra-comfortable shoes, all eyes turn to sneakers.

But how to choose your sneakers? We tell you everything about these essential pairs!

How to choose the right city sneakers?

Sneakers come from the New York hip-hop culture of the 70s. This movement, which quickly spread to the rest of the world, democratized the sneaker to make it a must-have piece of urban fashion.

The creativity of sportswear brands knows no limits when it comes to sneakers.

There are many possibilities in terms of materials, colors or design. To make the best choice among the large offer of sneakers available, we advise you to take into account these criteria:

The cut of the sneakers:

If you want lightness (especially during the summer), the good choice is a pair of low sneakers.

A high cut will have, as for it, the advantage to bring a very good support of the foot in the shoe. We also like its "basketball" style.

A "mid" model that rises above the ankle is a stylish and comfortable compromise (and works very well with jeans!).

The material of the sneakers:

The main material of these sportswear shoes gives them a visual identity and plays on our comfort.

Leather sneakers will be synonymous of a neat style and an excellent longevity.

The cotton canvas will be a perfect choice for a summer or mid-season model.

Sneakers with a velvet touch will be a must in our wardrobe for their "vintage" side but also for their softness.

The color of the sneakers:

White sneakers that go with everything?

A fun, brightly colored (even fluorescent!) model or a trendy "nude" palette?

Timeless black sneakers, a pair of golden sneakers or soft pastel colors?

It all depends on the outfit and the mood of the day!




How to choose the right sneakers for children?

Children's favorite model, sneakers are the stars of the playground. Their comfort, their practicality and their dynamic style make them simply essential shoes.

Choosing sneakers without making a mistake, nothing could be easier!

For the smallest, we can prefer a pair of sneakers with a high upper which will have the advantage of maintaining the ankle well.

Opting for sneakers with scratch or zipper closure will allow the child to put on and take off his shoes alone like a grown-up and will thus promote his autonomy.

Finally, to be sure to choose the right size of sneakers for a child, it is necessary to be able to pass a finger on the heel.

3 tips for choosing the right sneakers

To choose sneakers man or woman, we keep his socks and we try both feet.

At the time to try a pair of sneakers, we check that we can move the toes inside the shoe.

We can also advise to try sneakers at the end of the day because it is the moment during which the feet can be the most inflated. We avoid thus the inconveniences related to the port of a too tight pair.


Whether you're looking for a pair of boys' sneakers, men's white sneakers, a trendy style or a new ultra-comfortable basic for everyday wear, Lace Go's selection of sneakers for the whole family is the perfect place to indulge, no matter your budget!


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