The meaning of colors of your clothes: what they say about you


The meaning of colors of your clothes: what they say about you

The symbolism of colors has always occupied a large place in the art and the sacred of different cultures around the world. The psychological meaning of colors is, moreover, a field that fascinates and arouses the interest of researchers. Indeed, in nature, the colors of plants and animals play an important role. The messages transmitted by the colors are unconscious, but are nevertheless very real. This is why the colors of clothing are not insignificant. Knowing the meaning of colors is a real asset to spread a specific energy to the outside world. Why choose colors according to their symbolism? What is the meaning of the colors you wear? Discover what colors say about you.

The symbolism of colors: know it to choose your clothes

Clothes are a bridge between who you are on the inside and the outside world. Their colors extend your energy to reveal it. Thus, the colors of your clothes speak about you, or rather for you. Indeed, like non-verbal language, they transmit information about your mood or your intentions.

Knowing the meaning of colors is then a real asset to choose your clothes, because they are a communication tool that allows you to send unconscious messages to your interlocutors.

Whether it's a business meeting, a romantic dinner or an outing with friends, you can choose your colors to suit the occasion.

Before knowing which colors to wear according to their symbolism, it is essential to know its radiation.  I will explain in a future article how to choose the right colors for your clothes.

If your color palette does not contain the hue that reflects your current energy, then you can express it in another way. I'll come back to this a little later.

The meaning of colors: what do they say about you?


  • The meaning of nudes: it is the flesh color or "second skin". It corresponds to the range of beiges and browns. These shades evoke intimacy and accessibility and invite to confidence, as if you were laying down arms to put the other in confidence. Thus, nudes are in line with the practice of certain professions, such as therapist or coach. Colors of intimacy, they can also be associated with the color red for a date, to encourage your partner to talk.
  • The meaning of blue: blue is a very rich color with multiple shades. It is   generally associated with credibility, self-confidence, inspired action and communication. It can also be associated with dreams and contemplation like night blue or meditation for sky blue. Wearing blue for a job interview, a professional meeting, a trade show or a conference inspires confidence and is a guarantee of seriousness.
  • The meaning of red: it symbolizes eros and glamour. It is par excellence the color of passion. It is also associated with notions of security, concreteness and anchoring and stimulates concentration.
  • The meaning of yellow: this color reflects self-esteem, success, recognition. Depending on its shades, it can also be synonymous with letting go, choice and independence. Yellow is a color of everyday life, perfect for everyday socializing (dinner with friends, outings, etc.).


  • The meaning of orange: it is a dynamic color associated with creativity, fun, movement and spontaneity. Beware, however, this color is not for everyone.
  • The meaning of green: the symbolism of the color green touches the family, love, friends, altruism. It can also be associated with tenderness, softness, novelty. Green is therefore the color of serene and peaceful relationships. It can be  worn during moments of sharing with your loved ones for example.
  • The meaning of pink: it symbolizes softness and the repair of childhood wounds. It is also the color of childhood, comfort and vulnerability. Its energy invites cocooning and introspection. It is up to you to see how these energies resonate with you.
  • The meaning of purple: purple refers to discipline, spirituality and the notion of self-taught. Purple stimulates intuition, imagination and symbolizes originality.


  • The meaning of white: white symbolizes purity, peace and the absence of prejudice. It evokes a return to the essential, to the body. It brings an energy of renewal to make a new start, for example.
  • The meaning of black: this color refers to death, to transformation. Something dies to give birth to something else. Dressing in black is also synonymous with sobriety, seriousness and elegance. But beware, black does not suit everyone!

The symbolism of colors: the expression of energies

The energies of colors have a very strong symbolism in all cultures. In India, they are associated with the chakras. The Chinese link them to the five elements in the Taoist religion. In the West, colors and their psychological meanings interest researchers and communication specialists.

The symbolism of colors is also very present in sacred art, painting, cinema or literature. Finally, we know today that they play an essential role in nature. The colors of animals and plants are signals that facilitate communication and contribute to the survival of species, by signaling a danger for example.

Each color has its own energy. Thus, a color whose symbolism and energy are in adequacy with your essence allows you to feel unified and to reveal your deep personality.

However, it is important to distinguish between colors that match your radiance and those that you like. The colors of your clothes must be in harmony with your complexion to unify you. They are associated with the light that your skin, hair and eyes diffuse. The latter does not change and remains stable throughout your life.

The colors that attract you are, on the contrary, the expression of a punctual energy need. They can vary according to your mood or your state of mind. If the color you like at a given moment does not exist in your color palette, you can always feed yourself through painting, decorating, or creating a portfolio.







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