How to choose the colors of your clothes?


Clothing colors are essential to dressing well and building a wardrobe that suits you. Shades that don't suit you can really make you look bad, while the right colors make you glow and express who you are. Many of you ask yourselves: "what color suits my complexion best?", "what colors of clothes are suitable for white or dark skins?” To know your colors, you must first observe your skin tone. They are determined by your radiance, i.e. the light that is revealed through the prism of your skin. Yes, yes! We each have a particular light that we emit. Why wearing the right colors of clothing impacts your life? How to choose them? And finally, how to differentiate a color you like from a color that suits you? I tell you everything!


Why wearing the right colors of clothing is essential?


The color is a determining element in the choice of clothing, as well as the cuts or materials. An outfit with the right color makes you look good and highlights your face. The wrong color can make you look tired or dull. 


You've probably noticed that some shades give you the impression of having drawn features, a severe look, a grey, yellowed or reddened complexion.


A color that matches you will unify you by creating harmony between the garment and your face. It gives you a natural "healthy glow" and your face looks more relaxed. You gain confidence and feel more comfortable in your clothes. Not to mention that others may notice and compliment you.


Revealing your light is not the only benefit of knowing your colors. If you know what tones suit you, choosing your clothes becomes much easier and safer. Have you ever bought an outfit on a whim only to find out that the color doesn't suit you?


Once you've determined your color palette, you can build a wardrobe of matching shades, since they all have the same light, yours.


I always emphasize that it is not just the skin type alone that needs to be considered, but the overall light that comes out of your skin, eyes and hair. Even when your hair changes color or your skin darkens and lightens, your light synthesis remains the same. This is how wearing your colors impacts your life: they reveal your center, your deepest personality. So when you wear YOUR colors, you attract events and relationships that resonate with your talents and deepest motivations.


How to find my colors according to my skin type?


Determine your radiance


Finding the right colors of clothing requires careful observation of your radiance. That is to say, the light that emanates from your skin, your eyes and your hair. I invite you to observe and detail them.


  • Start with your skin. What is its dominant color? What undertones make it up? What color adjectives would you use if you were describing it? What shades would you choose if you were to paint it?
  • What is the color of your hair? Does it have highlights?
  • What colors are your eyes? What about your eyes? Is it dreamy, sparkling, welcoming or emissive?



Define the contrasts of your radiation


Finally, observe the contrasts in your face and those between your skin, your eyes and your hair. Are they marked, or on the contrary, light, creating a unity? Perhaps they are soft or deep?


To help you find out, test different tones on your skin.


If you have a golden complexion, are you enhanced by deep colors such as brick, khaki or dark orange? Then you certainly have an autumn glow that recalls the depth and warmth of light in this season.


If these colors "crush" you, darken you, you can try warm, airy and luminous colors like coral, turquoise or soft green. If these shades enhance you, then your radiance may be that of a soft and luminous spring.


Your skin tone is silvery and you are sublimated by strong contrasting colors such as black, white, royal blue, purple? Your radiance corresponds to the brightness of winter, which accentuates the contrasts.


If these colors are too much for you and medium and light tones unify you such as sky blue, lemon yellow or powder pink, it is likely that you have a summer glow that is characterized by softness and few contrasts.


What is the difference between a color I like and a color that suits me?


You will have understood that the colors of your clothes are determined by your body and more precisely by your light. However, it is common to choose colors that attract you according to your tastes or your mood of the moment. However, it happens very often that the colors that you like do not suit you.


Indeed, your radiation remains the same all your life. Summer or winter, tanned or pale, it does not change. It is the expression of your light that remains stable through all changes. On the contrary, your tastes, your moods, your energy, your dynamism are very changeable. If a color attracts you at a given moment, it is because it meets a specific energy need. This does not mean that it suits you. You can then let your tastes or your energy of the moment express itself in the decoration for example or by painting the colors which attract you at this moment.


However, almost every color has shades in every palette. So if you have a golden skin tone and want to wear blue, you can opt for duck blue, petroleum blue, turquoise or lavender blue if those are the lighter colors that suit you.


Of course, you can also adapt your colors to your daily life and to the various occasions that arise. Indeed, you will not necessarily wear the same colors for a job interview, an outing with friends or a date. Fortunately, you have a whole palette of colors at your disposal to adapt to the circumstances.


Knowing your colors is essential to choosing your clothes, amplifying your presence and fulfilling your destiny from your center.

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