Valentine's Day: invented tradition or reality?


Valentine's Day: invented tradition or reality?


February 14th is Valentine's Day, the day of lovers for most of us. But who is this Valentine that many celebrate on this day? Let's take a look at the origins of this tradition and the way it is celebrated around the world.


The origins of Valentine's Day: what you need to know


There is no official history but there are several legends.


The oldest legend is linked to the Lupercalia, which was celebrated between February 13 and 15 each year. These were fertility festivals that took place in ancient Rome in honor of Lupercus. It was a very unromantic festival: men ran after women and beat them with goat skins to ensure that they would be fertile and have a happy pregnancy!


Another legend states that this festival is attributed to Valentinus, a martyr of the Catholic Church. This priest would have celebrated marriages in the greatest of secrecy while this practice was prohibited by the Roman emperor Claudius II. This practice would have resulted in the arrest and execution of this priest on February 14. The pope then named Saint Valentine the patron saint of lovers.


The origins of Valentine's Day are uncertain, but all agree that it originated in ancient Rome.


How is Valentine's Day celebrated?


It is since the 19th century that the phenomenon has known a real boom with the creation of the "Valentine": they are small sweet words of love that couples and very good friends sent each other. Today, Valentine's Day is reserved only for lovers. It is a secular custom. Its symbol is of course the red heart that can be found in many forms.


For some, Valentine's Day will be about spending a romantic evening in a restaurant under the sign of love. For others, giving a gift is a real tradition. Flowers, bouquets or chocolates have a great importance on this occasion. But for all, it is a very popular holiday.


Did you know that over 1 billion greeting cards are sent on Valentine's Day?


Others, however, do not care about it at all, as this day has become a source of considerable turnover.


Valentine's Day in the world: 5 unusual traditions


In Japan, it is women who give gifts to men and even to their colleagues at work! The box of chocolate is the most common gift. One month later, the roles are reversed on March 14.


In Brazil, Lovers' Day is celebrated on June 12 amidst colorful street parades.


Valentine's Day is also a very important holiday in Egypt. Entire cities are decked out in red as the date approaches.


In the United States, Valentine's Day is very celebrated but unlike in France, this day is not only reserved for lovers but for all those we love.


In Spain, Valentine's Day is celebrated in the same way as in France. Couples and lovers go out to dinner and buy each other small gifts.



So there are great similarities in the way the world celebrates Valentine's Day. On February 14, 2022, they will be millions to offer a pretty heart or a bouquet of red roses, an invitation for a dinner or a weekend, chocolates, sweet words ...


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