Ankle bracelet meaning


Meanings of Anklets in Indian Culture: Indian culture has definitely had its fair share in the symbolism to the anklets. The ankle bracelets or payals in India are closely associated with traditional weddings. Whether they are magic barefoot anklets with toe rings or intricate charm chains, anklets now make a compulsory attribute of any bridal costume in India along with sarees. Beyond that, ankle strings may also indicate the marital status of the woman. There is still another symbolism of this foot candy in India. Married women wore jingling anklets so as to make a sound while entering the room and to prevent men from indecent talks. Rigid heavy anklets are now worn by women in rural regions of India as a sign of endurance and fortitude. Every year in March in Jaipur, the Indian people hold Elephant Festival, embellishing their elephants with colors and jewelry pieces, and you can even see female elephants wearing anklets with many charms, bells and trinkets.

Meanings of Anklets in South East Asia: There was a practice in South East Asia to wear anklets on both ankles united with a chain to achieve that ‘feminine’ short tripping step.

Anklets Set Foot in America: The first time anklets showed up in America was in the 1940s, when fans of traditional pop music, the fervent devotees of Frank Sinatra formed a sociological group known as bobby soxers in the history. The teenage and young adult women who were swooning over Sinatra, established their signature fashion costume that consisted of poodle skirts, sandals, short white socks, and anklets to highlight the socks. But the anklet mania in the United States reached its high point only during the mid-1960s, when the hippie movement broke out. The bohemian spirit spread out over the globe: the youth was ardent to embrace the altered states of consciousness, and many in the West acquired a taste for the Eastern culture. Hence, the Eastern-inspired anklets became just another integral part of the hippie fashion. Later on, some conservatives ascribed negative connotations to ankle bracelets claiming that it’s a call-girl thing to wear anklets. Today, anklets are rocked in the United States without any stereotypes or clichés to them, just for fashion and beauty unless you yourself put some individual meaning into your anklet.

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